Welcome to Imran's Portfolio.
I'm a Machine Learning Engineer and Deep Learning specialist currently studying as Information Engineer at Hasanuddin University.

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Hi, I'm Imran...Welcome to my portfolio !

"I am a passionate and dedicated machine learning and deep learning professional with a strong background in developing and implementing cutting-edge AI solutions. With 3 years of experience, I have developed a deep understanding of neural networks, computer vision, and natural language processing. Throughout my career, I have worked on a variety of projects and have honed my skills in developing high-quality, scalable and efficient machine learning models"

In this portfolio, you will find a showcase of my work. I am confident that my skills and expertise in the field of deep learning and machine learning make me a valuable asset to any team, and I look forward to contributing my skills to new and challenging projects in the future.

Now I'm working as a freelancer for UpWork as Machen Learning Developer.

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2021 IT Support Google Career 2022 TensorFlow for Deep Learning 2023 Machine Learning Specialization University of Washington 2023 AWS Certified Machine Learning Amazon (AWS) Applied AI with DeepLearning IBM


Let me help make better use of your data.

My expertise can be used to clean, analyse, interpret and visualize your data.

Deep Learning Frameworking

Knowledge of popular deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, and Caffe.


Natural Language Processing

Knowledge of NLP techniques such as text classification, sentiment analysis, and language translation.


Cloud Computing

Knowledge of cloud computing platforms such as AWS, GCP, and Azure, and experience with deploying machine learning models on the cloud..


Data Visualization

Experience with data visualization tools such as Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Plotly.



A few stories about Machine Learning Development , Deep Learning Engineering and Python. More or less linked with our world, always related to data

From Data to Viz - A classification of chart types based on input data format

July 2018 - 6 minutes read

I’m delighted to announce a new dataviz project called Data to Viz. It is a classification of chart types based on input data format. It comes in the form of a decision tree leading to a set of potentially appropriate visualizations to represent the dataset. - Read more

Pimp my RMD - A collection of tips for R Markdown

July 2018 - 2 minutes read

R markdown creates interactive reports from R code. I’ve created a document that provides a few tips I use on a daily basis to improve the appearance of my html outputs (my memory aid). This document is built using R Markdown and hosted on Github. - Read more


I've developed several websites dedicated to data visualization. These resources are visited about 30.000 times a day.

from Data To Viz

A classification of charts based on their input format, and a lot of tips and tricks.


R Graph Gallery

Hundreds of R charts, always with reproducible code provided.


Python Gallery

A gallery of charts made with python, with a focus on Matplotlib and Seaborn.


D3 Graph Gallery

D3 is the ultimate tool for data visualization on the web. Tedious but limitless.



A glimpse of the projects I've been working on


Feel free to contact me for any question. For open source projects, please open an issue or pull request on Github. If you want to follow my work, reach me on Twitter. Otherwise, send me an email at

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